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Bi wire Speaker Cables


How to Biwire Video

1 Pr 10 Gauge Signature Pro Biwire
10 Feet Each side
Speaker Cables with Ultralink 24 K
Banana Jacks

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M2 Max Flow and Max Flex Technology

M2 Max Flex Max Flow power and speaker wires are designed to provide current flow for the best power transfer and efficiency possible for your amplifier. Max Flex power and speaker wire features a high flexibility translucent PVC jacket.

You get the best possible performance and protection for your system while making installation easy thanks to the flexible jacket.

True OFC Construction

Wires built from pure 100% Oxygen Free Copper provides the highest possible conductivity for maximum system efficiency and performance. When you need absolutely every Watt out of your amplifier, the choose Wirez True OFC Construction power wire.

OFC Conductors offer ~30% less resistance as compared to CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) cables.

•True 10 AWG (American Wire Gauge) Size
•True OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) Construction
•No conductor 'tinning' to add un-needed weight
•M2 Max Flex Max Flow Design for easy installation
•462 Strands per conductor for maximum flexibilty
•Matte Silicone Finish

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