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106" Manual Projector Screen


Two models, one
of 92 inches and the other of 106 inches, make up the manual pull down series. Both are of a 16/9
aspect ratio. Daveco’s high quality screens are composed of four layers and display true and accurate
colors, smooth imaging and wide angle uniform brightness. The under layer is a black coated PVC to
inhibit light transfer. The second layer is a base terylene structural layer followed by a crease resistant
transparent layer and fourth is a photosensitive matt white material layer. Each screen is coated with
a flame retardant, is washable and is rated at a 1:0 gain ratio with a visual angle of 100 degrees. Easy
hang and play is made possible by included wall or ceiling brackets and both models feature a set
lock so that the screen can be lowered to any preferred level.
Dimensions and Spec Sheet

  • $319.99
  • CDN