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Phono Preamp

Phono Box Black

Small but perfectly formed, the Pro-Ject Phono Box S is solid and relatively heavy, sporting a power button on the front and a set of inputs and a set of outputs on the back.

There’s a subsonic filter switch too, and if you want to get your hands dirty, then you’ll find switches on the bottom for selecting MM or MC operation and making adjustments to the gain and impedance.

MM/MC Phono preamp with line output
 Preamplifier for MM or MC with switch on rear panel
 Best buy classic
 NEW! „green“ DC power supply

Technical specifications

Pro-Ject Phono Box

Input impedance, MM 47kohms/120pF
Input impedance, MC 100ohms/120pF
Gain, MM 40dB
Output voltage typically 300mV/1kHz at 3mV/1kHz (MM input)
Gain, MC 60dB
Output voltage typically 300mV/1kHz at 0,3mV/1kHz (MC input)
Max. output 9,5V (1kHz)
Noise floor, MM 86dB (94dB - A weighted)
Noise floor, MC 68dB (75dB - A weighted)
THD, MM 0,01%
THD, MC 0,05%
RIAA-equalisation curve accuracy 20Hz - 20kHz / max. 0,5dB
Outboard power supply 18V/200mA DC,
suitable for your country's mains supply
Standby power consumption

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