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Speaker Selector/Switcher with Volume Controls


4 Way Speaker Switcher with Volume Controls

1 Year Warranty

The speaker selector is equipped with independent volume controls for each pair of loudspeakers. Each speaker set also has a designated A/B source selector and an On/Off switch. In this way, any combination of speakers and sources can be played through any or all outputs simultaneously. Both selectors are rated at 100w RMS per channel, while autotransformer impedance technology ensures that amplifiers will not be damaged by lower impedance levels. Push-pin connectors located on the back panels will accommodate up to 14-gauge speaker wire.

The T4V enables switching from two sources to as many as four or six pairs of speakers that can be played simultaneously. The selectors feature independent On/Off speaker switching and are rated at 100 watts RMS per channel. To protect your audio components, they are equipped with autotransformer impedance matching systems.


High-quality selectors and components ensure zone fi delity, even with all outputs engaged simultaneously.


Impedance match at each output for best results

Size:Standard 17- inch wide format integrates easily with other


Convenient controls for volume, source and position keep the music
when, where and how you like it.

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